Here is a call I get allot:

“We want to hire you because we need you to develop code for our website, let us tell you why we don’t want or need a web developer”.
(Yes, this happens)

I do the same thing to my mechanic because I subconsciously assume “if I can convince him that I can find and replace the OEM air coolant hose on my Toyota hybrid this guy will have to lower the price, he will be less likely to rip me off, or maybe even tell me how to do it myself”. It never works. LOL

Web Developers seem to get a ‘bad rap’ much like some mechanics do. The fear is rooted in education! Many web based services seem “secretive” almost as if SEO or Code is a protected magic spell by some alchemist. I prefer to think the best way to dispel that notion is live interaction. I am the kind of person that wants to see what the Doctor is doing, I want to watch the Mechanic work on my car and I want them to tell me what they are doing. I am happy to do that for you. Part of that desire is a healthy thirst for knowledge, its also part common sense.

My mechanic is a good guy, he does not rip me off but I always think he might, (I suspect this is my own character defect) its not really all that illogical because I have indeed been worked over pretty good by car dealerships in the past.

I completely grasp the concept of ‘this misconception’, yet I still have it. Lets examine that…

This comes down to trust. Trust is earned and I have come to expect that few should give it up without proof. I will tell you all day that I am a “tried and true developer” trustworthy, effective, and efficient. I suspect the only way clients have come to believe this is from experience.

I can give you references, quotes, testimonials and the like but if I would not buy into those when I read them online why should I expect you to?

I figure the best way to earn your trust is to work with you. Try me out, get a feel for how I work! I believe transparency is a key ingredient so here are a few things you can come to expect when working with me:

  1. Online task lists down to the 1/4 hour
  2. Clear and concise contracts with well explained terms
  3. Humane contract language explaining intent
  4. Useful feature lists, clear goals and deliverables
  5. Live work sessions where you can direct me on screen