One time live sessions for webdevelopment

The following items are single purchase only and include a live design session by Skype, Phone or in person meeting where as work will be done right before you eyes allowing you control over the workflow and final product.

Test Drive Special – 1/2 Day (4 hours)

One time discounted rate of $375.00. Up to 2 Live session to perform any web based maintenance, development or multimedia production.

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New Client Special – Full Day, (8 hours)

One time discounted rate of $750.00. Up to 4 live sessions to perform any web based maintenance, development or multimedia production.

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Both the 1/2 day and full day include a full website report (approx 1 to 2 hours depending on size of site). Sample reports available on request.

24×7 On Call Monthly Retainers for webdevelopment

Time will rollover each month, all plans include CMS, content, support, consulting, marketing and server updates. Maximum of 30h per month for any retainer. All tasks are hourly. Minimum of 1 hour. All standard TERMS AND POLICY apply.

QUICK Support and Consulting Services at 1/2 price!

All of the following include 1 and 1/2 hour, a maximum of 90 min for $75. I am often asked for the following items on an ‘à la carte’ basis and these quick payment links will help you to get it done. I will assist you in regaining access to any of your web services, this includes password resets, password changes, verification, if its in the Database or a CMS system I can help you regain access, transfer accounts, and review your setups.

Password Resets and Regaining Access

$75.00 to assist you in regaining lost access including but not limited to CMS systems, emails, and admin panels.

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Email Setup and assistance with configuration

$75.00 to assist you in setting up new emails, forwarding, masking, and even mobile device configuration.

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New Domain and Hosting Selection Consult

$75.00 to assist you in selecting hosting, a new domain name, as well as transferring account ownership.

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1 Hour consulting session or live support

Just about anything you need support on including a consult, a quick change to a website, or just some quick advice.

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TOS: Limit of one per day per customer, standard hourly rate applies after 90 min. When in doubt the minimum is 1 hour at $250 per hour. In some cases you will be required to provide permission, releases, sign documents, be on call, and have computer access with a reliable internet connection. Click here to cancel any retainer.