To start, just call me: 412.725.7354

(Yes, this is a photo of me.)

(Yes, this is a photo of me.)

I typically get up @11-AM
I typically work till 5-AM (EST)
I return calls very quickly. If I do not answer I am either busy providing satisfaction or ‘recharging’, go ahead and call (my phone is also my alarm clock).

I accept calls 24×7, I take a few breaks to feed ‘the machine’ (or refuel it) as needed to maintain peak performance. I work this way because web development is best done while everyone is asleep so they wake up the next day and “magically” see updates.

Its no accident when you see an updated website, there are people like me up all night making that happen.

I believe clients deserve a real person to talk to, however you can send me a text message or email if you prefer.

Contacting your favorite on call web developer

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. 24×7 means just that, go ahead and call any time, if I can I will pick up!
  2. Keep in mind I may be on call with another client, I will give you my undivided attention as soon as possible.
  3. Try to keep communication effective: for example text messages are good for 10 words or so, please be considerate.
  4. Emails are great for longer instructions, please use the title and body fields in a way that’s useful.
  5. ASANA and various Project Management systems are checked about every 24 hours, please call if its urgent.
  6. I am not liable for any hosting company, but will try hard to get you back up and running quickly if the hosting go’s down!
  7. I prefer and enjoy live sessions where we work together using a screen share when you want it to look “just right” or “work exactly like that”. Let me know that your version of “this” or “that” is and I will do my best!

I love my job, thanks for hiring me!