I started writing JS, HTML, and CSS code using just Notepad in Jan of 2001
I’ve worked with Joomla (mambo) since September 25, 2005
I’ve worked with WordPress since December 12, 2007
I’ve worked with Magento since December 29, 2008
I began implementing Schema.org 2.0 into CMS systems on May 20, 2015

I Develop themes, debug templates, customize modules, write new plugins, validate code
and service websites for client’s who rely on these CMS systems.

I love my job.

Multimedia and Web design.

Artistic endeavors.

Agency White Label (Multimedia and Web Design)

If you are looking to supplement your team of business with a contractor I am your guy.


Give me an email @ your domain and it will look like I work for you.

  • NDA’s
  • Closed source coding
  • Clear billing separation

Have me lead the team for a home run or place me in the outfield.

  • Credit line removal
  • Full Project management
  • Watchdog and À la carte service