I offer services in the following 2 modes: Hourly -vs- Per Project

I offer a 1 hour free consult where we can get to know each-other, define deliverable’s, and discuss deadlines. Most projects require a 50% (or less) deposit or retainer, monthly payment plans are an option, as well as monthly or quarterly tabs. In some cases a project may require a full team and a “Project Specification Phase” (SPEC) to start work.

Hourly rate: Daily marching orders.
Standard invoicing down to the minute. I am fast and efficient. Hourly rate projects are best for changing course at the drop of a hat. If you want someone on call or the project is going to change then this is the way to go.

Produces a ‘Labor based’ project
An hourly task list is used.
Project ends when you are satisfied.

Pros: only pay for hours used, change project anytime
Cons: the work may never end…

Per project: Let’s plan it all out.
Sometimes an hourly rate is an incentive to work slower. My solution for that is a quoted fee based on a checklist of project deliverable’s and goals. If you are going to mark up the project and make a profit, this is the way to do it.

Produces a ‘Flat price’ project
A check list is used.
Project ends when items are crossed out

Pros: an incentive to work faster
Cons: anything not on the list is indeed an up-charge


I offer live web development and support retainers:

All Support agreements allow you to make calls to me 24×7 and you can expect an immediate answer or call back within a few hours in nearly all cases. My phone is indeed on 24×7 and I bring my laptop with me (even on holidays).

Live support is for websites where you need updates, plugin maintenance, backups, or someone to call. Retainers are also for customers who need a web developer on call to make changes as if I were a part time employee. I can use your preferred project management software to track projects. Custom contracts can be drawn up unique to your situation, just ask!

  • All support accounts are tracked hourly by spreadsheet down to the 1/4 hour.
  • You will not receive an extra bill unless you expressly request additional work and sign off on it.
  • The default tab is 10x the retainer, it works just like a bar tab. It can be paid off over 10 months, or, in full for new work.
  • In many cases project management and planning less than 1 hour per month are waived.
  • All retainers include a 5 hour hack warranty (meaning if your site is hacked I fix it for free up to 5 hours)
  • All retainers include a 100% 3 month rollover (if your unused retainer adds up over 3 months it can be spent on upgrades).



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